Saint Stefanos, Mykonos


Boutique Hotel





Construction of a Boutique Ηotel, Saint Stefanos, Mykonos

XKS Architects & Engineers has undertaken the construction and conversion of an 80’s existing cottage in Saint Stefanos, Mykonos, into a 7-room boutique hotel based on a study by GNB Architects. It’s design is based on the creation of a linear motion along the north - south direction, which is presented with a simultaneous escalation of the privacy of the spaces. It starts from the North with less luminous, atmospheric indoor installations and moves sequentially, downstairs, into the lobby and ends up outside and into the central pool, which is the central element of the composition. The rooms are independent, elongated, with sea views. To enhance this transition, mobile, sliding panels and perforated surfaces act as filters that allow or prevent eye contact and give depth to the interior of each room. The selected materials used aim at a contemporary island architecture that interacts with the existing landscape.

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