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Study & Construction of a Housing Complex, Nea Kifisia, Athens

The residential complex is located in a quiet green area, in the center of Nea Kifisia, on Driadon Street and includes a total of 10 luxurious apartments of 170 sqm up to 200 sqm. More thoroughly, the residential complex consists of 2 independent building blocks with independent staircases. The building program includes 4 apartments in building A and 6 in building B. Each floor consists of 3 bedrooms, one of which is master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and walk in closet, bathroom, modern spacious kitchen with a living room, guest WC, fireplace as well as large storage areas. Specifically, the ground-floor apartments offer private pools, while the second-floor apartments have an attic and are interconnected with an internal staircase. In addition, each flat provides under floor heating, individual heat pump, central heating-cooling system (VRV), impressive large veranda or large communal garden if it is situated on the ground floor, storage and enclosed parking space. The main design objective was to preserve the privacy of each dwelling and at the same time their functional independence. Thus, the arrangement of the buildings on the plot, as well as the location of each dwelling was chosen based on the independence and comfort of the dwellings. The composition of the spaces has been carried out from the inside out with the incorporation of the outdoor spaces into the architectural composition, in order to unite through the architectural expression the inner and outer spaces that composing the everyday experience. The use of large openings and the smooth delineation of the interior and exterior of the dwellings create a transitional area of ​​sheltered living spaces that communicate with the open view. Wooden blinds are placed in spaces where translucency is required, while the use of a double-sided façade creates a protective shell in the private life of the dwellings.

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