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Study of a Housing Complex, Kifisia, Athens

It’s about a residential complex of high aesthetics and modern design, which is located in the center of Kifisia on Emmanouil Benaki and Euklidou Street and includes a total of 16 apartments of 135 sq.m. up to 210 sq.m. More specifically, the residential complex consists of four independent building blocks with independent staircases. The primary design objective was the creation of a residential complex, based on a new interpretation of the modern way of life, which will combine the functionality of the spaces with the comfort of the occupants and the optimal adaptation to the special natural and built environment of the surrounding area. The morphological elements derived from the past, with minimal lines of contemporary design, contribute to an interesting dialogue between building masses, proportions and materials. The intention of creating better living conditions, harmonization with the environment and privacy to its occupants were key to the synthetic solution. Thus, the four building blocks are arranged in such a way to allow planting to penetrate into them, while at the same time the semi-outdoor spaces and balconies, contribute to the built-unbuilt dialogue by forming a transitional zone between private and public space. Furthermore, the absence of partition walls which was succeeded by choosing to create independent apartments or by dividing the buildings into independent fragments and the use of decorative elements, claustra intensify even more the sense of privacy.

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